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The first time I felt proud about living in Daejeon 본문


The first time I felt proud about living in Daejeon

Alla0909 2017.01.03 10:57

I was lucky to have had my mother visit me in Daejeon, South Korea after just one year of living in this city. I didn't know about the best sights, places or restaurants, but I was elated to have her come and experience my Korean life with me if only for 10 days.

A little bit about my mom - she speaks multiple languages, retired, not a chopstick user, very adventurous and always snapping photographs with her fancy Canon camera. I get my passion for photography from her.

When I told my mom to get herself on an airport bus and get to Daejeon (since I was working and couldn't pick her up), she was a little frustrated. Or maybe it was my forgetfulness to give her my home address, phone number and other emergency numbers in case she didn't make it. I was late picking her up from Daejeon's bus station, but there she was - safely landed in the land of the Morning Calm, tired, a bit hungry, but elated to see her "always living abroad" daughter. 

I was nervous about introducing her to Korean food - such as samgyepsal, kimchi, kim bop, bi bim bop and others. Luckily, she found it very fresh and tasty and eventually mastered the art of chopsticks. 

She got to try Sam Gye Tang and it was awesome!

Practicing with chop sticks. No forks allowed!

During my time off from work, I took her around the city. Spring is really beautiful in Daejeon and I was so happy to have shown her such a colorful and serene place. Hanbat Arboretum is one of my favorite photography destinations in this city. 

While busy at work, I sent my mom to visit the National Cemetery for it's beautiful pond, large walking space and very clean environment nestled in the mountains. 


In the spring and on major holidays, each tomb stone of the cemetery is decorated with flowers and some with South Korean flags.


On the weekend, my mom, my husband and I ventured out on a hike up Bomun Mountain. It was challenging, but all the colorful scenery around us was very motivating.

Overall, my mom and I had a great time together in Daejeon. Of course we visited other cities while on her trip, such as Busan and Seoul, but Daejeon is conveniently located to make day trips to those cities. Public transport makes it very easy to get around the city or to take a train or bus to nearby towns. I didn't hesitate to navigate my mom in the direction of a subway, which she took from City Hall to the National Cemetery. She was back safe and sound with lots of images from her trip. 

This image was my favorite from her trip to Daejeon. Daejeon's night lights near Expo park are magical!

Having my mother visit Daejeon made me very proud to live in this interesting and photogenic city. The city was in bloom and she was a very happy photographer with lots of places to see. Now that I've lived in Daejeon for about 6 years, I know that there are always events and festivals to participate in, mountains to hike, new restaurants to try or parks to walk and relax in. I hope that my mom's trip was not her last to Daejeon and to South Korea. 

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