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Daejeon International Photojournalism Exhibit 본문


Daejeon International Photojournalism Exhibit

Alla0909 2017.01.10 18:08


It's not frequently that the city of Daejeon would host an International Photography Exhibition. "Visa pour l-Image - Perpignan 2016 Daejeon" has been on display at the Daejeon's Museum of Contemporary and Modern History from October 20, 2016 - January 20, 2017. There are only a few days left to witness this fascinating and moving exhibit, which features works from 11 prominent photographers in Journalism. 

Who can you expect at the exhibit? There are works from David Douglas Duncan (USA), Eli Reed (USA), Jerome Sessini (France), Peter Bauza (Germany), Alfred Yoghobzadeh (Iran, France), Laurence Geal (France), Andrew Quilty (Australia), Ed Jones (Scotland), Marcus Bleasdale (England), Daniel Berehulak (Australia) and Paolo Pellegrin (Italy). 


The exhibit covers two floors inside the museum and is easy to find once you walk in through the front doors. Buy your ticket (12,000 krw for adults or less if you're a student, teen or elderly) and walk through various room as you're guided by the red stickers marking your way on the floor. Each room is painted in different color, creating a different atmosphere and mood for each group. 

Photographs range from black to color, from war zones of the past and sadly, present. Some images are heart-breaking, featuring wounded kids or teenagers fighting for their country with rifles and granades. The scenes of broken buildings and destroyed hospitals are very common as one can only image what a journalist had to overcome in order to get the shot.

An image that really stood out to me was that of a woman, either practicing or taking a shot on her rifle on her balcony, while her husband nonchalantly was talking on the phone in the background. It illustrates how normal it must be in their household for both spouses to utilize a weapon and the fact that they were using it out in the open. One sure hopes to never have to witness such a sight personally. 

One of the rooms also features photographs of celebrities in posed or candid images. It serves as a welcoming break between the atrocities of war, the pain and struggle for freedom in the images of other rooms.

Another room contains photographs, taken in Daejeon, featuring old-style buildings, clothing styles, transportation, festivals and protests. It is fascinating to contrast them to what the city looks like today and how much the marvels of modern science and plastic surgery can change people's appearance. If you're not a big war-photographs fan, I'd still recommend to come and see the exhibit just for this room alone.


Overall, visiting the exhibit, I was looking forward to pay attention to styles of shooting, the lighting or rules of composition used. But what ended up etched in my memory are the incredible stories told through a single click of a camera. This exhibit may speak to you differently, irregardless, what's important is awareness of the situations around the world and hopefully it'll inspire action. 

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