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Christmas Lights around shiny Daejeon 본문


Christmas Lights around shiny Daejeon

Alla0909 2017.01.10 22:36

The holidays are an exciting time due various reasons such as holiday music and movies played on TV, coffee shops and restaurants come up with specialized holiday dishes and everyone is getting ready to celebrate by buying that special holiday outfit or an accessory. City streets are no stranger to getting dressed up during the holidays, covering themselves in sparkly lights, festive decorations and holiday messages.


The streets of Daejeon have also surprised Daejeon's citizen's this year, dressing up more festive than usual and in more places than one.


If you drive around the city at night, feast your eyes on some fantastic displays of color, while not to forget to stop and take that romantic selfie that puts you in a holiday spirit.


Start your drive over by Chungnam University. The street that leads from Yuseong Spa Station to the University' entrance should attract your eyes with some sparkly lights on the right handside.


Turn right before the entrance of Chungnam University and let the road follow you towards KAIST University, located on the left handside, next to Chungnam University in Gungdong. Inside Kaist, drive straight on it's main road to find a few light installations, first on your right and then two more on your left hand side.




Now drive towards City Hall Subway Station, where Boramae park near City Hall building is a brand new display this year. It covers the entirety of the park and is a very popular destination among locals. This display wont last much longer, get there before it closes on January 31st. If you miss it, hopefully next year, it'll be open for 2 months again.



Now, drive across town to old Downtown, located in Eunhengdong. In the center of Sky Walk Road, catch yourself on a CCTV camera on large screens above you, while you pose in front of this giant Christmas Tree.




Last, but not least, find your way over to Daejeon Station. On the opposite side of the entrance to the station (go through the station and out the back if you have to), stands a bright blue beauty, waiting to pose for you! See if you can spot all the shapes on this magestic tree.




Are there other significant light displays in Daejeon that I haven't mentioned? If so, leave your comments below. I'd love to check them out and add to the story. Thanks!

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