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Winter wonderland at the National Cemetery of Daejeon 본문


Winter wonderland at the National Cemetery of Daejeon

Alla0909 2017.01.23 22:28

If you're traveling through Daejeon and it happens to be one of those frosty days, full of "I can see my breath" and "Where is the closest Jim Jil Bang?" Why don't you venture out on a quick walk, where you can satisfy your thirst for a lovely wintry photograph as well as see a very historical, and some would even call "Magestic," place of this city. 

National Cemetery, one of many around this country, should surprise you with its large square footage and a very picturesque pond ( I know, I turned it into an award winning picture recently). Also known as 국립대전현충원, this cemetery will not disappoint with the amount of tombstones from some prominent individuals of Korean history, such as the 4th President of Korea Choi Kyu-hah, Director General of the World Trade Organization Lee Jong-wook, First Commander of the Marine Corps Shin Hyun Joon and 46 members of the late 2010 ROK Cheonan Sinking.


With the flowers decorating each tomb as well as flags, the cemetery looks always dressed up and ready for visitors to pay their respects. The mountains surrounding the area, put the emphasis on how large and abundant this place is.


Once you make you way to the pond on the right hand side, what you may or may not notice that it is shaped after the outline of Korean peninsula.



This place is very popular with local photographers as I had to wait for my turn for this coveted spot.


There is a waterfall, which may or may not be frozen as well as a decently sized pagoda for picnics or other get togethers.





While a cemetery may not be on your radar while visiting Daejeon, a wintery Pond with a traditional pagoda should sure to make your Instagram followers jealous.





Address : San 23-1, Gap-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon or 251 Hyeonchungwon-no, Daejeon / Post code : 34151

Phone number: 042-822-0026

Visit their website



  • Get on the subway Train heading for Banseok at Daejeon Station
    • Enter the direction of Daejeon Station (West Square)
  • Get off at Hyeonchungwon Station
    • Go out to the Exit number 2(please take the Patriotic Spirit Shuttle Bus Service) or the gateway number 3(intra-city buses) by escalator or elevator (lift)
  • Get on the Patriotic Spirit Shuttle Bus at the entrance of the Exit number 2 in Hyeonchungwon Station
    • Please wait at the seats for the Patriotic Spirit Shuttle Bus Services Booth
  • See you there!




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