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Daejeon skincare shop: FridaSkincare 본문


Daejeon skincare shop: FridaSkincare

Alla0909 2017.03.18 13:28

Walking around between the neighborhoods of Tanbang-dong and Gwaejeong-dong, you may or may not notice a small shop devoted to skin care products. By taking a look inside and having a conversation with it's two friendly and inviting owners - Frida and Samuel Pigny, you'll feel and be motivated by their passion to produce clean, organic and toxin free products and share them with the Daejeon community and beyond. The shop officially opened its doors in January of 2014. 

Samuel, Axelle and Frida Pigny of FridaSkincare Shop in Daejeon, South Korea

While "FridaSkincare" is a newer venture for the two (this brand was established in July of 2015), Frida and Sam started with an online shop, which many old time fans would remember as Frida's Little Soap. FridaSkincare's regular line up includes shampoos, conditioners, deodorant and a variety of products for the skin, which are suitable for males and females alike. 

"My husband uses them all (except my Blushing Crème Lip & Cheek!). My baby (who is approximately 2 years old) also started using FridaSkincare's shampoo from 1 month ago. I believe that before 2 years old, basically a young baby doesn't really need what people call it as 'baby products', such as soaps and shampoo. All in all, FridaSkincare products are all suitable for men and kids above 2 years."

I sat down with Frida and Samuel to get a better understanding of their brand's mission, what makes them special and how it impacts residents of Daejeon and Korea in general. 

Alla Ponomareva: What inspires you to produce your products?

Frida Pigny: "Firstly, we just don't want to use any products that contain harmful chemicals and toxins that may affect our life and health later on. We want to grow old in a good health and shape. For me and family, finding ideal products and checking its ingredient list for each product in store is tiring and time-consuming. A lot of false information is also freely written by the green bloggers about natural products. Those claiming as 'healthy and natural' information on the Internet, sadly often times, may lead to endangering the health itself.

For example, applying Baking Soda on the armpit is popular natural solution to avoid using the harmful aluminum -the antiperspirant agent. In longer term, applying Baking Soda or Sodium Bicarbonate on the skin may imbalance the natural flora of the armpit due to the nature of pH level between our skin and the soda is simply not compatible. This is just one example among many other natural claimed solutions on the Internet.

So we took an initiative to create everything from scratch, because we have the knowledge in this field and have access to get supplies with the safest raw cosmetics ingredients from worldwide. We directly involve ourselves in picking the raw materials to make sure its quality fits to our high standards. Most people do their diet through eating healthy food. But for us, besides food, we also care about what we put on our skin as our skin absorbs the ingredients from the products we apply regularly just like our stomach digests the food. 

Lastly, we like the simplicity lifestyle concept. I personally want to live simply with only the essential products staying in my beauty cabinet. All these reasons inspire us to make our own skincare line from head to toes."

AP: How are your products different from other Daejeon/Korean shops?

FP: "I believe they are very different due to the following four reasons:

(1) Our raw ingredients selection is fitted to be used by anybody - unisex, including pregnant women and breastfeeding Moms, old and premature aging skin, even for the teens who start putting on their daily toiletries. 

(2) Our finished products are all exclusively manufactured in a small-but-often quantity to make sure its freshness exists to the end.  So our products will never be displayed for years like 'normal' products we find in the stores. 

(3) In Korea, applying layers of products on the skin, especially to the face in order to look whiter and flawless - that is normal. We are offering 'Free your skin' method where only the necessary ingredients applied on the skin. Because we believe that the skin needs to breathe and at the same time it needs enough nutrients on a day-to-day basis, so there are no multiple coats on the skin needed. 

(4) One of my missions is that I want to help women to be happy with their 'true' skin, not hiding it under 'fake' concealers or 'thick' foundations. This is another point that makes our products different from other Korean beauty shops or/and Korean skin products. FridaSkincare exists to offer a healthier option and as a solution for people who love simplicity and true nature."

AP: What are the general responses that you get from your customers?

FP "Our loyal customers who use our products regularly often send us messages saying "Thank you," while describing how the products we formulated have therapeutic effect on their immune system. Although we cannot claim those reviews, we are just happy that our mission starts making some sounds. We designed our business to have the essence of helping in many possible ways. Because we believe the strongest business model is the business that offers unlimited benefits to the customers and partners."

AP: What is your most popular product/line?

FP: "“Magnifying Elixir” for the (facial) skincare line and “Perfecting Hair Treatment Shampoo” for the hair care line."

AP: What is your favorite product personally?

FP: "Honestly ALL, because we only have one variant per type of products! But if I have to really really choose only one, I would say: “Magnifying Elixir”. Because in Winter when my skin greatly suffers from over-dryness, Elixir helps my skin to naturally trap moisture for at least 8 hours straight. So I only need to apply it twice a day, at night time before sleep and in daytime underneath BB Cream application. Simple! Meanwhile it works like a charm in Winter, Elixir offers skin to eliminate its aging spots for all seasons all year round, especially in the summer when the UV rays are very active."

AP: What inspires you to create a new product, I remember your products used to rotate very frequently?

FP: "In the past, we did rotating our products very frequently. But it is now no longer the case. In the first 3 years, when we started our formulation from scratch, we sent the products to the market to get as much feedback as possible about the products' effectiveness from our end-users, before we finalized our products formulation and fully changed it into FridaSkincare which happened in April of 2016."

AP: What is the range of your products, from least expensive to most expensive?

FP: "The least expensive product from our catalog is a bar of soap (5,000 krw) and the most expensive one is our popular “Magnifying Elixir” (110,000 krw) as it contains about 35 active botanical extracts and plant juices, only 1~2 drops per application you will see the effectiveness almost instantly. We have our Elixir in a smaller 5ml version too (25,000 krw) for the starters."

AP: What is the future for FridaSkincare shop?

FP: "We will soon be moving out from our current atelier to a more crowded area, hopefully it is going to happen in this June 2017. We are planning to open our Skincare Laboratory for some exclusive teaching activities in our future shop. Details on our new production Lab, including the opening hours and the new address, this will be updated later."

AP: How can people reach you and your product line?

FP: "People in the area of Daejeon, are always welcome to stop by our store (before we relocate in June of 2017). We're located at 302-814 대전광역시 서구 계룡로 562 번길 16 1층 (Gyeryeongro 562, Beongil 16, 1st floor, Dejeon, Seo-gu, 302-814).

Our phone numbers: 010-3037-7482 or 070-8716-9300



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