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A magnificent walk through the City Hall Park 본문


A magnificent walk through the City Hall Park

Alla0909 2017.06.01 14:25

If walking under the bright lights of the night sky sounds like a romantic idea, there's no need to visit the Lantern Festival of Seoul, Gyeongju or other surrounding Korean cities, because right here in Daejeon, we've got our own feast for the eyes. And let me tell you it shines just as bright as any other light festival, if not brighter, just take a look!

To take in all that City Hall park has to offer, you better arrive before the sun sets. You'll be able to witness all the little and not so little details and intricate decorations that took over this park just a few weeks ago. All of this was created just in time before the Healing Festival, which took place the last weekend of May 2017.

While this park may seem like a perfect getaway for roaming and curious children, adults will also be inspired by the likes of Soju advertisements, Say Department Store ads and other not so discreet, but still decorative arrangements.

Once the night falls, the park lights up with what seems like a rainbow of colors which shine from up top as well as from the ground, creating a surround-effect of symphony of lights. Hong Kong, you've got nothing on Daejeon! 

And by the way, this post and these images don't do this park justice, there are so much more to see and to photograph!

To enjoy this beautiful extravaganza of lights, take a subway to City Hall stop, walk out of exit 3 and walk straight. The park will be located on your right side within a 1-2 minute walk from the subway stop. You'll see a large star as you enter the park and you'll know you've arrived at the right spot!

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